The Wilco Radio Team


Built by pilots, for pilots.

With expertise in CAP413 radiotelephony, web development, and digital marketing, Chris and Andy make the perfect team behind Wilco Radio.

Feel free to drop Chris or Andy a message if there's anything you want to chat about.

  • Chris Haycock

    Chris Haycock


    Chris is the technical brains behind Wilco Radio, and the person who had the EUREKA! moment to build the website.

    Despite being a Radio Operator in the Royal Navy onboard HMS Birmingham in his late teens and early 20s, Chris was nervous at the prospect of having to talk to ATC, so he originally created Wilco Radio to help him practice and refine his radiotelephony skills (he's still working on it!).

    Having gained his wings in 2017 at Otherton Airfield in Staffordshire, Chris is a new(ish) pilot with around 200 hours of flying under his belt, and is part of a 5-person syndicate that owns an EV97 Eurostar.

    As Managing Director (and self-confessed IT geek), he runs a network of self-built websites in various industries (including Wilco Radio) under the umbrella of parent company CliqTo Media Ltd.

  • Andy Moon

    Andy Moon


    As a CAA Senior FRTOL Examiner, Andy is the radiotelephony expert behind Wilco Radio.

    Andy ensures that all content follows CAP 413 precisely, keeping one eye firmly on any changes made by the regulatory authority that impact radiotelephony.

    As well as operating flights all around the globe as a current Airbus A330 Captain, Andy enjoys the thrill of General Aviation and keeps his single engine piston rating current flying an array of light aircraft.

    He is also rated to fly the largest aircraft in the RAF, the 'Voyager' Multi Role Tanker /Transport (MRTT) and commissioned with Merit from the oldest and most prestigious air college in the world, RAF College Cranwell.

    Andy runs the much-respected RT training provider Planespeak based in central England, where he has also been conducting radiotelephony examinations for over 20 years. He is a ROCC Examiner and has also held a validated AFISO licence since the age of 18.

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