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Wilco Radio is the perfect way to study and prepare yourself for the FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence) exam.

Or, if you're already an experienced pilot, use Wilco Radio to brush up your radio skills, become more confident, and become a pro communicator.

SRG1171 (FRTOL Training Syllabus) Compliant
Official CAP413 Standardised Training Platform
Whether you're an experienced GA pilot or a trainee commercial pilot, your radio communications need to be CAP413 compliant. Wilco Radio complies fully with CAP413 standardisation.

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Pass Your FRTOL Examination First Time
Wilco Radio is the perfect online learning platform to prepare and practice for the FRTOL Practical Test's mandated training requirements (SRG1171 FRTOL Training Syllabus).

About the FRTOL exams

Unique Interactive Training Platform
Use our unique Interactive Trainer featuring advanced AI Speech Synthesis. Hear radio communication audibly, and communicate with our AI bot using your own callsigns.

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Learn CAP413 radiotelephony... fast

Become a pro communicator

Using advanced technology in artificial speech synthesis, our platform helps you learn and practice pilot radiotelephony (RT) in a friendly and forgiving environment.

Pay once, and use Wilco Radio forever. Rather than spending up to £150 per hour with a radiotelephony instructor, let Wilco Radio teach you everything you need to prepare your FRTOL exam... and pass with flying colours.

On completion, you'll be awarded a Certificate of Completion and completed SRG1171 form (FRTOL Training Syllabus) to hand to your FRTOL examiner as proof that you have the necessary knowledge to take the exam.

What's inside?

CAP413 Training

Learn clear, concise radiotelephony communication procedures that comply with the CAA's SRG1171 training syllabus and CAP413 Radiotelephony Manual.

Interactive Trainer

Boost your confidence and knowledge by practicing pilot radiotelephony procedures with an artificially intelligent bot in the Interactive Trainer.

Practice Test Routes

Put your skills into practice and prepare for the FRTOL examination by taking a practice test route in our innovative Interactive Trainer, with an artificially-intelligent bot.

Customisable Features

Create a truly realistic experience by customising the Interactive Trainer, using your own aircraft and aerodrome callsigns, names, frequencies, and runway numbers.

Interactive Quizzes

Build your confidence and memory with radiotelephony quizzes that follow the same format as the FRTOL examinations, helping you to familiarise yourself with the test.

Download Certificates

Complete the course to obtain a Wilco Radio Certificate of Completion and completed SRG1171 form to hand to your FRTOL examiner as proof of knowledge.

Monitor Your Progress

Study radiotelephony at your own pace - in your own time - and learn everything you need to know to pass your FRTOL exam and become a more confident pilot.

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Everything you need to learn aviation radiotelephony

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FRTOL Syllabus... covered

If you're preparing for your FRTOL licence, our innovative online classroom covers every topic in the CAA-mandated SRG1171 FRTOL Record of Completion form.
Or, if you've already obtained your FRTOL, Wilco Radio covers every procedure you'll ever come across, making you a safer, more confident pilot.
Aircraft Radio Equipment

Aircraft Radio Equipment

Learn how to operate your onboard radio equipment, including diagnosing radio failures:

  • Switching on
  • Selecting frequencies
  • Volume and squelch adjustment
  • Intercom/station selection box
  • Selection/changing frequencies
  • Transmitting techniques
  • Radio failure diagnosis
  • OFCOM aircraft radio licence
General Phraseology

General Phraseology

Learn the basics of radiotelephony, including standard phraseology and mandatory readbacks:

  • FRTOL licensing requirements
  • General phraseology
  • Mandatory & required readbacks
  • Standard phrases (e.g. "Roger")
  • Aircraft callsigns & placement
  • Station callsigns
  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Response to traffic information
Departure Procedures

Departure Radio Procedures

Learn how to communicate with ATS units when you intend to leave an aerodrome:

  • Test transmissions
  • ATIS, startup & taxi
  • Holiding & incursion risk
  • Departure clearances
  • Runway clearances
  • Ready for departure
  • AGCS/AFIS/ATC differences
  • Frequency changes
Arrival Radio Procedures

Arrival & Circuit Procedures

Learn to communicate with ground radio operators when joining an aerodrome:

  • Initial call & request
  • Joining procedures
  • Overhead/circuit joins
  • Orbit/extends/hold
  • Runway clearances
  • Go around
  • AGCS/AFIS/ATC differences
  • Frequency changes
Enroute Radio Procedures


Learn how to communicate and pass messages with air traffic controllers whilst enroute:

  • Frequency changing
  • Initial call & request
  • Enroute calls
  • UK FIS
  • MATZ/ATC penetration
  • CTR/CTA transit
  • SSR operations
  • RMZ/TMZ zones
  • SVFR clearances
  • Danger areas
  • Procedural position reports
Emergency/Mayday Radio Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Learn how to communicate effectively in the event of an emergency or urgent situation:

  • Distress (MAYDAY)
  • Urgency (PAN PAN)
  • Mayday relay
  • Position Fix
  • VDF requests
  • Emergency frequencies
  • Priority of transmissions
  • Emergency cancellations
  • Training fix & practice urgency
  • Radio failure procedures
  • SSR emergency codes

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