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Wilco Radio helps you prepare for your FRTROL examination, and teaches you skills that make you a more confident, and safer pilot.

Wilco Radio FRTOL Training for Pilots

Learn CAP413 radiotelephony... fast

Pass your FRTOL exams with flying colours

Combining expert subject matter and the latest in speech synthesis technology, Wilco Radio helps you prepare for your Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence in the comfort of your own home.

Our course syllabus follows the latest version of the CAA's CAP413 Radiotelephony Manual. Rest assured, you can be certain that you are learning up-to-date radiotelephony procedures that follow official guidelines.

On completion, you'll be awarded a Certificate of Completion and completed SRG1171 form (FRTOL Record of Completion) to hand to your FRTOL examiner as proof that you have the necessary knowledge to take the exam.

SRG1171 (FRTOL Record of Completion) Compliant

What's inside Wilco Radio?

Wilco Radio includes everything you need to pass your FRTOL examinations first time, including:

CAP413 Training

Learn clear, concise radiotelephony communication procedures that comply with the CAA's SRG1171 training syllabus and CAP413 Radiotelephony Manual.

Interactive Trainer

Boost your confidence and knowledge by practicing pilot radiotelephony procedures with an artificially intelligent bot in the Interactive Trainer.

Practice Test Routes

Put your skills into practice and prepare for the FRTOL examination by taking a practice test route in our innovative Interactive Trainer, with an artificially-intelligent bot.

Customisable Features

Create a truly realistic experience by customising the Interactive Trainer, using your own aircraft and aerodrome callsigns, names, frequencies, and runway numbers.

Interactive Quizzes

Build your confidence and memory with radiotelephony quizzes that follow the same format as the FRTOL examinations, helping you to familiarise yourself with the test.

Download Certificates

Complete the course to obtain a Wilco Radio Certificate of Completion and completed SRG1171 form to hand to your FRTOL examiner as proof of knowledge.

Monitor Your Progress

Study radiotelephony at your own pace - in your own time - and learn everything you need to know to pass your FRTOL exam and become a more confident pilot.

Free Trial

Discover what's under the hood with a no-obligation free trial to discover why we think Wilco Radio is the most innovative radiotelephony training platform EVER.

Free Resources

So much more to explore inside Wilco Radio, including knee pad cheatsheets, expert videos, downloads, glossaries, discounts from reputable suppliers, and more...

Everything you need to learn aviation radiotelephony and pass with flying colours

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Fully compliant with CAP413 Radiotelephony

Unlike many other training providers, we teach radiotelephony by the book, and keep our content up to date with CAP413.

Prepare for your FRTOL licence examination by learning official radiotelephony procedures that adhere with CAP413 regulations.

Or, use Wilco Radio to brush up on your RT skills to become a safer, more confident pilot.

Test Routes to prepare for FRTOL exam

Prepare for your FRTOL exams

Wilco Radio follows CAA CAP413 procedures - by the book, making us the ideal platform to learn and prepare for your FRTOL Exam (Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence).

Our unique and innovative training platform will help you prepare for your FRTOL much quicker than any other method - and it's far cheaper too.

Pass first time with Wilco Radio... with flying colours.

Become a safer, more confident pilot

With airspace infringements rising, now is the perfect time to learn aviation radiotelephony skills that will make you a safer, and more confident pilot.

Even if you've already obtained your RT licence, Wilco Radio is the perfect way to brush up your skills with our Interactive Trainer.

Find out how we can help you become a better communicator with a free trial of Wilco Radio.

Customisable RT Interactive Trainer

Customisable RT Interactive Trainer

The most realistic training platform in the world

Create customisable scenarios using the Interactive Trainer, by using your own aircraft and aerodrome names, callsigns, runways and frequencies.

Practice radiotelephony procedures with an artificial intelligence "bot", featuring the latest in realistic speech synthesis technology.

No other RT training platform comes close to providing you with a real-world learning experience.

And so much more

It's our mission to help you become a safer, more confident pilot, so we've produced a range of materials, downloads, knee pad cheatsheets, videos and glossaries to boost your skills.

No other radiotelephony training platform offers such a huge range of resources.

Put away your credit card and try Wilco Radio free of charge. Once you're ready, you can unlock every feature, and continue to use it to keep abreast of CAP413 changes - with no extra fees for life.

Lots more Features

As close as you can get to the real thing

Learning Resources

Additional learning resources are also available, including tutorials, videos, and downloads to help you learn radiotelephony.

Practice Test Routes

Practice Test Routes put your radiotelephony skills to the test, incorporating a range of procedures, including departure, MATZ Transit, Mayday emergencies and joining procedures.

Member discounts

Exclusive offers and discounts from Wilco Radio and selected partners to save you money on radiotelephony equipment.

Wilco Radio lets you customise each procedure so that you can use your own aircraft callsign, your departure airfield, and arrival aerodrome to give you an unrivalled realistic learning experience.

The additional option of including emergency procedures (such as engine failure) allows you to practice and experience situations where effective radiotelephony skills can save the day.

We'll also work closely with reputable partners to bring you discounts, offers and irresistable products that will help you to make your radiotelephony an enjoyable experience.

Wilco Radio is the perfect platform to perfect your radio skills and prepare yourself for the FRTOL examination.

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